Club Guns

OUr Club Firearms

Firearms available for club member and activity day use

We have a range of firearms for rental for members and for non members when participating on one of our activity days.

Remington 700

On an AB Arms tactical chassis, Remington 700 action chambered in .308. Fitted with Wildcat Predator 12 moderator

CZ Arms

Chambered in .223, fitted with a Wildcat Evolution moderator

Savage Arms

Chambered in .17 HMR, fitted with a Wildcat Evolution Moderator

Smith and Wesson M&P 15.22

.22 semi-automatic, fitted with Wildcat Panther moderator

Bradley Arms

Straight pull AR chambered for .223, fitted with a Wildcat Predator 12 moderator

GSG 1911

911 long barrelled pistol, semi automatic chambered in .22

Savage Arms

Chambered in 22.250, fitted with Wildcat Evolution moderator

Marlin 1894

Rifles chambered in both .44 and .357