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Experiences and corporate days. Exciting activities that inspire confidence and build unity

Silverstone Shooting Centre is pretty unique in the UK where we can offer full corporate shooting activity days, using full bore rifles to non Firearm Certificate holders. Subject to all participants not having a criminal record sufficient to prevent them from handling a firearm we are able to offer full or half days of activity shooting events that can be tailored for fun, team building or entertainment.

Our shooting events include target and dynamic shooting (moving and shooting), speed events, accuracy courses and include .22, .223, .308 and even 50 calibre if required. We also offer axe throwing (usually one of the most popular events), cross bow shooting and the days can be as relaxed or as competitive as you require. As well as the events we also offer a full catering operation with sit down breakfast and lunch in our comfortable clubhouse, all home made food.

If you're after a little high speed excitement then why not combine shooting with some off road driving, we also offer high speed Yamaha YXZ1000 racing (our sister company - Thorney Motorsport are the works racing team for Yamaha UK) round our custom built high speed track, complete with jumps, berms and drop offs. Add to that blindfold driving and agility courses on our Avant mini handler and you're in for an exciting day of guns and driving, see our sister site www.4x4xgun.com for further details or contact us here for more information and custom pricing.


Corporate shooting and target sports activities

Shooting Taster Session £55 per person

This is our entry level for those just keen to have a go at target shooting. The course involves full safety and firearms handling and the shooting of a Smith and Wesson 15.22 semi-automatic rifle at distances of 10m and 50m. Price includes all training, safety equipment, all ammunition (100 rounds) and targets.

Shooting Half Day £95 per person

Our half day courses are designed to be more in depth but also more wide ranging in terms of firearms used and also courses of fire. Full training and safety instruction is given as well as all the safety equipment required and you will shoot a Smith and Wesson 15.22 semi automatic rifle at distances of 10m, 25m and 50m with static and turning targets and 9 different courses of fire. You will then shoot a CZ Arms .223 bolt action rife at 100m. Price includes all training, safety equipment, all ammunition (250 rounds) and targets.

Shooting Full Day £195 per person

Our full day courses encompass a full variety of shooting styles and firearms. In addition to the half day package you will shoot turning and moving targets at 50m and 100m and also shoot our Remington 700 .308 rifles as well as the .223 and .22 semi automatic rifles. The day includes a hot breakfast and lunch from our restaurant, it really is a full day of shooting in a variety of shooting styles (both static and dynamic) and wide range of firearms. Price includes all training, safety equipment, all ammunition (350 rounds) and targets.

All of our courses are designed to be fun both for the experienced shooter perhaps not used to different styles of shooting but also for the complete novice who may never have even picked up a firearm. All of our trainers are experienced shooters as well as NRA qualified RCO's and Club Instructors so your safety is assured. 

Target Sports Half Day £95 person

Our target sports include shooting, axe throwing and cross bow shooting. You start off shooting one of our Smith and Wesson 15.22 semi-automatic rifles at 10m and 50m and then move onto cross bow shooting. Here you shoot our full professional compound crossbows - these are full 340 fps hunting crossbows fitted with red dot sights - nothing like what you see at the local fair. After that you move onto axe throwing, first mini axes and then full size tomahawks, it really is as fun as it sounds.

Target Sports Full Day £250 per person

Our full day of target sports is exactly that - a full day of shooting, throwing and firing bullets, axes and bolts. You will shoot the Smith and Wesson 15.22 semi Auto rifles, the CZ .223 bolt action and the .308 Remington as well as full power hunting crossbows and axes and tomahawks, it really is a full day of action and fun and something completely out of the ordinary. Price includes full instruction and training, all safety equipment, ammunition and targets.

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