The Technology

State of the art shooting ranges

Silverstone Shooting Centre is unique in it's target camera system. There are a number of ranges that offer target cameras but as these are generally wireless and the signal degradation is such that the image you see is just not high enough quality to be really useful - shooters need to see the exact pin point of the strike, not a grainy image with a rough idea where it hit.

We worked with a company called Blu Innovation to create the Worlds first fully hard wired camera system, the range has over 4000m of Cat5e data cable (thats over 3 miles) where each target is hard wired to both the shooting stands but also to the range control office so we know who is hitting what and who isnt. The result is a target image as good as any HD TV can display with such level of detail that even an air rifle hit is clear, no more spotting scopes, no more moving down range to check your accuracy.

Each shooting stand has a 40" HD TV so every one of our targets (other than 10m and 25m) has its own camera and display system. The screens are also placed on both sides in each range so as to suit both left and right handed shooters. They even work at night - full night vision so perfect to zero your new night vision scope.